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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Is Your Obsession With Clean Eating, Putting Your Mental Health At Risk??

It's Called "Orthorexia"

It Is The Obsession With Healthy, "Clean Eating" 

As it gains traction in this age of Instagrammed food photos, some think it should be recognized as its own eating disorder. 

"It's really a real fixation," one nutritionist tells NBC News of those who take things too far.

"They almost become like a fan club, especially on social media." Steven Bratman, a doctor who coined the term back in 1997, says it's time to recognize it as a type of disorder on par with anorexia but distinct, i.e. the objective isn't weight loss but purity. 

Still, many in the medical field cite a lack of sufficient research and too much overlap with currently described disorders, from anorexia to obsessive compulsive disorder, to warrant its own classification, reports the Washington Post.

"The dietary obsessions that people get into with anorexia often lead into these kinds of concerns with proper nutrition and healthy eating," says the director of an eating disorders program. "There’s a great deal of overlap."

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