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Friday, January 9, 2015

Classic French Onion Soup!

French Onion Soup

Feel like you are dinning in a fancy little bistro. 
Classic dining can be easy at home with this French onion soup recipe.  
With this traditional savory broth, topped with crispy french bread and ooey gooey melted cheese.
 You will be in heaven!  


2 lb onions

6 Cups Beef or Vegetable Soup Stock
1 Cup Butter
6 Slices Of French Bread
1 Cup Gruyere Cheese (grated)
1/2 Cup Parmesan Cheese (grated)


A) Peel, Half and thinly slice onions, sautee in butter on low heat, for about 10 minutes.
 (be sure not to brown onions)

B) Add stock, salt and pepper if needed, simmer for 20 - 30 minutes. Be sure to stir occasionally.
C) Toast french bread. Ladle broth into oven safe bowls top with toasted french bread. 
D) Cover top entirely with cheese mix, place in the oven on broil, on middle rack for 5 minutes. Or until cheese is melted and golden brown. 

Baked Taco Dip, With GroundBeef

Baked Taco Dip, With Ground Beef


1 lb Ground Beef
1/2 Cup Green Pepper (finely chopped)
1 Cup Salsa
1 Cup Cheddar Cheese (grated)
1 pkg Taco Seasoning 
1 Cup Onions (finely chopped)
1/2 Cup Green Onions (finely Chopped)
1 Cup Sour Cream


A) Preheat Oven To 350F. Cook ground beef and onions in a medium sized frying pan. Drain the grease.
B) Toss in green pepper and cook for a few minutes, until green pepper is soft.
C) Add in taco seasoning, mix well until meat is coated. Place meat in the bottom of oven safe casserole dish.
D) Pour salsa over the meat mixture, then spoon the sour cream over salsa. Be sure it's spread evenly.
E) Top with cheddar cheese and green onion. Bake for 20 minutes or until the sides starts to bubble!
F) Serve with nacho chips, crackers, or Naan Bread.