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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes
12-20 Flat bottomed ice cream cones, colored or plain.
1 box Cake or Cupcake mix
1 jar of frosting (any kind you like)
Colored sprinkles

1) Prepare cake mix, according to the box directions
2) Place cones onto a cookie pan, fill cones about half way with batter (Do not over fill, allow room for the batter to rise, without spilling over)
3) Bake 13-16 minutes
4) Cool cones completely before topping with frosting & sprinkles.

These little babies are great to send with your child for a school bake sale, or class party.
Try them at your child's next birthday party, and make an activity out of it.
**Use white icing, separate into 4 containers, add food coloring, leave cones bare
Give each child their own plastic knives, allow the children to add their own frosting & sprinkles
This will keep the children in one place. Instead of them all running through your house, hahaha
The children will love this, I have no doubts!

For your child's next Party in school, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's day etc.
Make the teacher feel special with this #1 Teacher cake!!

8-10 Flat bottomed ice cream cones
1 box of cake mix (any flavor)
1 1 Jar of Frosting (white)
Seperate about 3 tablspoons of icing , mix with differant food colorings, set aside
Colored Sprinkles

1) Prepare cake mix according to package directions
2) Fill 8 cones about half way
3) Place remainder of the batter in a 6" cake pan, bake according to packge directions
4) Fully cool, before topping with frosting. With colored frosting, write on the cake #1 Teacher
5) On each of the cupcakes write, either a letter or a number, place the cake in the middle of the platter and place each cupcake around the cake.
**This looks sharp if done well, and will make the teacher's day too!